Dr Sarkaw Mohammad BChiro., BHSc Para-Medicine., PGCert Travel Medicine., PGDip Rehabiliation., MHealSci (Rehabilitation)

Founder, IAMHE(R) Charitable Trust

Dr Sarkaw Mohammad founded the IAMHE(R) Charitable Trust in 2015.  Sarkaw is a businesswoman by profession and an actress by passion.  Along with a full-time career as the Clinical Director of Hillcrest Spinal Centre she is also a professional actress and has done a few feature films.  Through the Trust’s purposes Sarkaw wishes to highlight the issues within the ethnic communities using entertainment as a tool.  As Margaret Mead, a cultural anthropologist said “always remember that you are absolutely unique.  Just like everyone else.”  The battle of blending in with the rest of the society has dissolved us to the extent that we fear being ‘different’ without realizing the disintegration it causes.  In this process, we not only lose our uniqueness but we also restrict ourselves from reaching our maximum potential.  We forget that we are designed to be exclusive individuals with distinctive features and capabilities.  We often hide our true ‘selves’ in order to avoid stigma and being tagged as ‘weak’.   It is disheartening to know that the concept of ‘normal’ is a product of modern democracy – the majority of society vote certain behaviours to be considered ‘normal’.  The minority or those who dare to stand against that are branded as ‘abnormal’ and forced to change.  We wish we could substitute the word ‘normal’ for ‘usual’ in order to emphasize the prevalence and commonness of a given behaviour rather than the expectation attached to it.  We must define society as the sum of its individuals not as a whole unit.  The purpose of setting up the IAMHE(R) Charitable Trust is to identify and kindle awareness around the stigmatised issues within our communities.   We endeavour to create oneness by encouraging everyone to say “I am, and I love who I am and how I am” so that they can be proud of themselves regardless of the various elements of their special, or unusual, qualities.


Jay Randhawa, Co-founder, IAMHE(R) Charitable Trust

Jay Randhawa is the CEO of three successful businesses in the Waikato region – JSR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation and Smartech Solutions Ltd.  He is the General Secretary of the Country Section New Zealand Indian Association, chairman of the Country Section Indian Association Business Committee, and board member of Child Cancer Foundation Waikato (CCF) and Parafed Waikato.  Jay has been involved in social service for more than 15 years and is actively engaged in ensuring the betterment of the community he lives in.  Jay has been awarded the ANZ Migrant Support Award in 2016 for his contributions to the community through his businesses.  He believes that when individuals do well, then the community is better off by default.  He brings to the Trust a wealth of experience in networking, running associations, working with not-for-profit organisations, entrepreneurship, fundraising and treasury management.


Shakti Kumar Singh, Committee Member, IAMHE(R) Charitable Trust

Shakti Kumar Singh is the CEO of Sustain Energy Solutions Limited and has been living in New Zealand since 2011.  His interests lie in social service and serving his community.  He is a businessman but carries a background in Homeopathic and Ayuverdic Medicine as well.  He has obtained a Diploma in Sustainable Energy, is a certified scholar of the Grace Medical Mission in Homeopathy and Biochemistry and holds a Bachelor in Alternative Medicine System.  He is also a registered electro Homeopathic Practitioner and holds a Diploma in Community Medical Services from India.  Along with his full-time career, Shakti dedicates ample time to ensure he gives back to the community through his business.  He has been involved in his community from a young age and brings to the Trust extensive knowledge in community service, developing plans and implementing change.